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Ticomsoft Mobile

Ticomsoft Mobile is a product that enables QA teams the ability to test their mobile apps on multiple, remotely located real devices, by using any available web testing tool.

In many cases companies looking for mobile testing tools, already invested in web testing automation tools. As opposed to other testing vendors which replaces existing web testing products with a complete new testing solution. Ticomsoft Mobile leverages on the existing web testing tools to test your mobile apps.

Ticomsoft Mobile Offering

mobile testingThe product consists of two main components: Mobile Lab and Mobile Jacket.

The Mobile Lab is a web based system installed on a central location. Any mobile device connected to the lab automatically becomes a managed device with remote administrative capabilities and remote device operation. No manual installation is required on the mobile device. Using a web browser, the lab supports either manual testing or automated testing.

The Mobile Jacket enables you to run your app on a real device while operating it from a browser. Based on our unique ‘Test Jacket’ technology, the Mobile Jacket dresses your mobile App with an automatically tailored web interface allowing you to test the app with any existing web testing tool. This web interface is ready made with all the elements required for out-of-the box automated testing (e.g. synchronization, object identification and more). A test recorded on one device can play on any other. When a defect is found by a QA person the Jacket allows an immediate on-line collaboration with the R&D enabling them to work on the same App simultaneously. The Jacket supports full on-line system device monitoring and device checkpoint management.

Ticomsoft Mobile Strengths

  • Use your web testing automation tool to Record and Play on any mobile device (compatible with HP UFT and Selenium record/replay)
  • No need to root the devices
  • User defined device content checkpoint with automatic reset on test initialization
  • Automatically generated Specific Application Synchronization elements
  • Online collaboration capabilities between QA and R&D for software defect investigation
  • In depth mobile device on-line monitoring including 3G and WIFI diagnostics
  • Web based mobile lab management with full device remote admin

About Ticomsoft

Ticomsoft is a solution provider of Software for the enterprise founded by Mercury veteran. With deep understanding of the enterprise testing needs, Ticomsoft collaborated with Vayosoft, a leading mobile technology company with over 11 years of expertise in mobile technology development, to develop the best web based mobile testing solution.

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