HP SHA can help you forecast IT issues.

Flawless performance and 99.999% uptime are critical especially during peak usage times. Even minor performance glitches can spoil users experiences and disrupt revenue streams. The ability to detect performance anomalies is invaluable. HP SHA enables you detect and resolve IT issue sand extends monitoring capabilities. It’s the world’s first predictive analytics tool built on top of a run-time, dynamic service model to correlate metric abnormalities with topology.
Most monitoring tools are reactive triggered by predetermined thresholds. HP SHA, in contrast, performs statistical analysis on historical data to learn system behavior and calculate dynamic thresholds.It is fully automatic. You don’t need to put in any thresholds; you don’t need to do any calculation. You just install it and tell it what to monitor.

Ticomsoft is the first one in Israel to implement HP SHA, so if you want to solve problems before they interrupt your business, contact Ticomsoft experts.

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