Development Consulting & Training


We have over 15 years of experience in performance testing. We at Ticomsoft, use a methodology that helps customers feel confident enough to move towards production. With the right experience we are able to pinpoint the major bottlenecks and improve the performance by more than 100%.


Ticomsoft uses the HP SHR to create an insightful report above all the customer’s existing monitoring solutions. Companies are constantly collecting masses of data using different IT tools. By generating comprehensive and easy to understand reports, Ticomsoft helps companies understand the status of their business and take action on time.


In order to achieve a successful implementation you need the experts with the right set of expertise to implement the solution with the minimum maintenance on your end in the future.

Good automation is not only creating the right scripts to automate your tasks, it is mainly building the structure for automation software testing so these scripts will continue to operate when the environment is changing with as minimum modifications as possible.


At Ticomsoft, we have engineers that are experts in the UCMDB and HP BSM arenas. In order to identify the schematics of the organization’s IT solutions we use HP UCMDB.  With HP UCMDB we successfully build meaningful layers that allow our customers to better understand the impact of performance issue on a specific service. By adding the monitoring layer, our customers are able to understand which service is slowing down the business flow and what is the impact does it possess. Ticomsoft is able to evaluate whether the malfunction is due to lack of resources or rather correlation problems with in development of the app.

Testing methodologies

With years of experience using different testing methodologies, we at Ticomsoft are able to provide testing methodologies that are proven to be successful. Our development consulting team studies the challenges of our customers, and provides the client with the suited methodologies & solutions to meet the customer goals. Our knowledge combined with the testing management solutions we provide enables our clients to optimize their testing structure and methodology. This testing structure is extremely flexible and allows the client to add additional projects on different platforms without changing the foundation of the testing structure.