HP-SHR – One view ● Multiple domains ● Integrated metrics

,Organizations often deploy technology-specific monitoring solutions to address the requirements of different domains such as systems,networks, storage, and applications. Consolidating and reconciling the performance and availability metrics from these various monitoring tools is a complex and time-consuming task, which means that it is often overlooked in many busy IT organizations

Valuable data is collected and stored but limited value is derived from it, and this impacts the ability to accurately analyze the historical behavior of the IT infrastructure and plan for future changes

Maintaining business service levels is more complex,and staff spends more time firefighting issues that could have been avoided

What is needed is a simple and efficient capability to report on the metrics across all of the technology domains in a single pane of glass. The HP solution — HP Service Health Reporter

HP Service Health Reporter is a solution that has been built to specifically address the challenges of reporting in dynamic IT environments

HP Service Health Reporter is based on a brand-new reporting paradigm; in addition to consolidating performance data and metrics from multiple domain-focused collectors, HP Service Health Reporter also collects and collates specific information regarding the relationships between the IT elements and the business services concurrently performing the collection and collation of both types of information, HP Service Health Reporter enables viewing of the data from a number of valuable and unique perspctives

  •  Across infrastructure elements residing in multiple technology domains—particularly important when physical and virtual

resources combine to support delivery of business services

  •  In the context of the business services that the infrastructure elements support—clearly showing how the infrastructure

impacts business service levels

  •  In a consistent manner, irrespective of changes in the relationships between the IT infrastructure and the business services—enabling dependable reporting in flexible or dynamic environments such as virtualization or clusters

HP Service Health Reporter provides a complete and cost-effective solution out of the box. Service Health Reporter provides sophisticated data collection and aggregation coupled with industry-leading report definition and generation capabilities

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